Socionomer Utan Gränser Sverige (Social Workers without Borders Sweden) 802450-8163 are a land office located in Sweden, and part of Social Workers International.

Adopted 26/8/2016

The Swedish statutes are applicable from 2016-10- 12, and are being replaced by the Swedish international statutes issued in the country in which the head office is located. The head office is not located in Sweden.

§ 1 About the organisation

Swedish Social Workers without Borders is a non-profit, politically and religiously independent organization.

The organization shall promote professional social work based on a critical approach in pursuit of innovative thinking and the development of knowledge and operationalizing within the organization’s specific areas of work.

The organisation Provide professional social workers that shall practice qualified, paid, urgent, long-term and preventative social work internationally, in countries with the need for urgent and long-term psychosocial action.

Conduct and develop our work with help from methods that have their roots in academia. Through our work we aim to promote and clarify the social work profession and Swedish social work.

Co-operation and good relations with universities’ range of social work courses and current research, as well as make international internships in the field possible for Swedish social work students, as these should be seen as an integrated part of the organization.

One of Swedish Social Workers without Border’s core values is to have a significant influence on social work students and practicing social workers in the field.

§ 2 Svenska riktlinjer

Examinerade socionomer och praktiserande socionomstudenter inom organisationen förbinder sig att:
● respektera yrkets etiska regler, sätta klienten främst och som socialarbetare avstå från öppet partstagande i förhållande till religiösa och politiska makthavare samt till rådande ekonomiska förhållanden.

● i beslut och handling verka enligt det sociala arbetets grundläggande humanistiska människosyn

● i enlighet med universella mänskliga rättigheter och rättigheten till humanitär hjälp, kräva frihet och respekt för sin yrkesutövning i fält.

● följa Röda Korsets Code of Conduct för frivilligorganisationers arbete i katastrofbistånd*

● Socionomer Utan Gränsers personal/praktikanter är medvetna om de risker och faror uppdraget innehåller och kan inte kräva någon annan ersättning för sig själva eller sina förmånstagare än den som organisationen har möjlighet att bistå med.

§ 3 Annual meeting

Social Workers without Borders’ annual meetings have been discontinued as the organisation is subject to the international statutes from 12 september 2016.

§ 4 Members

Membership of Social Workers without Borders Sweden, applies after payment of the membership fee, SEK 350 (SEK 250 for students). Information is then made available to members in the form of a membership letter which includes details of current events and developments within the organisation along with any benefits for members. Members have no voting rights in Sweden.

Exclusion of members

Social Workers without Borders Sweden’s management group can exclude members with immediate effect, and can inform the member if the group deems it necessary.

Reasons for exclusion:

1. Disloyal behaviour

2. Acting against the interests of the organisation

3. A member who, when speaking or when writing, slanders or otherwise works against the organisation’s interests in Sweden or the organisation’s international operations

4. Member that is deemed unsuitable

Exclusion may be appealed to the management group, the management group’s decision after the appeal is final.

§ 5 Collection

Social Workers without Borders Sweden conducts its own collection, recruitment of field personnel, volunteers, other members of staff, and applies for funds for its own operations and is responsible, manages and allocates the organisation’s funds, assets and liabilities independently.

If Social Workers without Borders Sweden has a 90 account it is managed independently, and the 90 account is administrated in Sweden.

§ 6 Management group

The Swedish office is led by the management group on behalf of Social Workes International.

The land office Sweden are The management group is managed and recruited independently and internally by the management group.
* The Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief: