Different ways to support

We welcome companies that want to take social responsibility and to contribute to a better world. It’s possible for both big and small companies to take this responsibility. As a business you show your customers and colleagues that your business is conscience of the need for long term psychosocial work in marginalised areas. By this is meant efforts in countries that have been hit by crises and disasters, but also preventative social work, both long and short term. Cooperation between Swedish Social Workers without Borders and a business can take many shapes. Read about our business concepts below.

Give a business donation

Give a donation and contribute to our work. It’s always possible for big and small companies to donate to Swedish Social Workers without Borders. Through the companies donations we can be present in different types of crises and disasters, and also increase the development of knowledge surrounding social work where there is a need. If you want to give a donation please use the BG- account: 607-2961.

As a thank you, you will receive a certificate of your donation and your business will be published on our website.

Become a business member

Your company has the possibility of becoming a business member, this means that you as a company support Swedish Social Workers without Border’s work in countries where the need is the greatest through a yearly membership fee. As a business member you support us with 3,500 SEK a year. As a company member you get a diploma, and a yearly thank you in our yearly report. Furthermore the company’s logo will be on our website as a confirmation of your important contribution. If you want to become a business member then your payment is made to Bg- account: 607-2961.