Become a monthly donor

By becoming a monthly donor you are contributing every month to Swedish Social Workers without Borders work. You ask your bank to transfer an amount of money of your choosing from your account to Swedish Social Workers without Borders via direct debit. You can do this at your bank or through your internet banking.

Bg- account: 607-2961.

There are no administrative costs for this and it’s easier for both you and us! You decide yourself how much you want to contribute and you can change or stop the monthly donation whenever you want.

Your support contributes to both the organisation’s future and activities while at the same time you contribute to the social worker’s personal and professional role, and long-term psychosocial work internationally. This means efforts in countries that have been effected by crises and disasters but also countries that have a need of preventative work both long and short term. You contribute to social work in the rebuilding of society’s structures and for individuals in crisis situations.

Your support is necessary for our work around the world. You are also contributing to Swedish social work students being able to be sent out into the field, which not only increases their own skill-base but also secures the future development of Swedish social work internationally. 11693924_1066941770039635_2606525015632999233_n